Docker Event InputΒΆ

New in version 0.10.0.

Plugin Name: DockerEventInput

The DockerEventInput plugin connects to the Docker daemon and watches the Docker events API, sending all events to the Heka pipeline. See: Docker Events API Messages will be populated as follows:

  • Uuid: Type 4 (random) UUID generated by Heka.
  • Timestamp: Time when the event was received by the plugin.
  • Type: DockerEvent.
  • Hostname: Hostname of the machine on which Heka is running.
  • Payload: The event id, status, from and time. Example: - id:47e08ded0abb57ca263136291f14ed7689de8b6ec519f01ea76958fe512abff9 status:create from:gliderlabs/alpine:3.1 time:1429555298
  • Logger: The id provided in the event
  • Fields[“ID”] (string): The ID provided in the docker event.
  • Fields[“Status”] (string): The Status in the docker event.
  • Fields[“From”] (string): The From in the docker event.
  • Fields[“Time”] (string): The timestamp in the docker event.


  • endpoint (string):

    A Docker endpoint. Defaults to “unix:///var/run/docker.sock”.

  • cert_path (string, optional):

    Path to directory containing client certificate and keys. This value works in the same way as DOCKER_CERT_PATH.


type = "DockerEventInput"

append_newlines = false

type = "LogOutput"
message_matcher = "Type == 'DockerEvent'"
encoder = "PayloadEncoder"