Stat Accumulator InputΒΆ

Plugin Name: StatAccumInput

Provides an implementation of the StatAccumulator interface which other plugins can use to submit Stat objects for aggregation and roll-up. Accumulates these stats and then periodically emits a “stat metric” type message containing aggregated information about the stats received since the last generated message.


  • emit_in_payload (bool):

    Specifies whether or not the aggregated stat information should be emitted in the payload of the generated messages, in the format accepted by the carbon portion of the graphite graphing software. Defaults to true.

  • emit_in_fields (bool):

    Specifies whether or not the aggregated stat information should be emitted in the message fields of the generated messages. Defaults to false. NOTE: At least one of ‘emit_in_payload’ or ‘emit_in_fields’ must be true or it will be considered a configuration error and the input won’t start.

  • percent_threshold (int):

    Percent threshold to use for computing “upper_N%” type stat values. Defaults to 90.

  • ticker_interval (uint):

    Time interval (in seconds) between generated output messages. Defaults to 10.

  • message_type (string):

    String value to use for the Type value of the emitted stat messages. Defaults to “heka.statmetric”.

  • legacy_namespaces (bool):

    If set to true, then use the older format for namespacing counter stats, with rates recorded under stats.<counter_name> and absolute count recorded under stats_counts.<counter_name>. See statsd metric namespacing. Defaults to false.

  • global_prefix (string):

    Global prefix to use for sending stats to graphite. Defaults to “stats”.

  • counter_prefix (string):

    Secondary prefix to use for namespacing counter metrics. Has no impact unless legacy_namespaces is set to false. Defaults to “counters”.

  • timer_prefix (string):

    Secondary prefix to use for namespacing timer metrics. Defaults to “timers”.

  • gauge_prefix (string):

    Secondary prefix to use for namespacing gauge metrics. Defaults to “gauges”.

  • statsd_prefix (string):

    Prefix to use for the statsd numStats metric. Defaults to “statsd”.

  • delete_idle_stats (bool):

    Don’t emit values for inactive stats instead of sending 0 or in the case of gauges, sending the previous value. Defaults to false.


emit_in_fields = true
delete_idle_stats = true
ticker_interval = 5