Sandbox InputΒΆ

New in version 0.9.

Plugin Name: SandboxInput

The SandboxInput provides a flexible execution environment for data ingestion and transformation without the need to recompile Heka. Like all other sandboxes it needs to implement a process_message function. However, it doesn’t have to return until shutdown. If you would like to implement a polling interface process_message can return zero when complete and it will be called again the next time TickerInterval fires (if ticker_interval was set to zero it would simply exit after running once). See Sandbox.


  • All of the common input configuration parameters are ignored since the data processing (splitting and decoding) should happen in the plugin.

  • Common Sandbox Parameters
    • instruction_limit is always set to zero for SandboxInputs


type = "SandboxInput"
filename = "meminfo.lua"

path = "/proc/meminfo"