Common Input Parameters

New in version 0.9.

There are some configuration options that are universally available to all Heka input plugins. These will be consumed by Heka itself when Heka initializes the plugin and do not need to be handled by the plugin-specific initialization code.

  • decoder (string, optional):

    Decoder to be used by the input. This should refer to the name of a registered decoder plugin configuration. If supplied, messages will be decoded before being passed on to the router when the InputRunner’s Deliver method is called.

  • synchronous_decode (bool, optional):

    If synchronous_decode is false, then any specified decoder plugin will be run by a DecoderRunner in its own goroutine and messages will be passed in to the decoder over a channel, freeing the input to start processing the next chunk of incoming or available data. If true, then any decoding will happen synchronously and message delivery will not return control to the input until after decoding has completed. Defaults to false.

  • send_decode_failures (bool, optional):

    If false, then if an attempt to decode a message fails then Heka will log an error message and then drop the message. If true, then in addition to logging an error message, decode failure will cause the original, undecoded message to be tagged with a decode_failure field (set to true) and delivered to the router for possible further processing.

  • can_exit (bool, optional):

    If false, the input plugin exiting will trigger a Heka shutdown. If set to true, Heka will continue processing other plugins. Defaults to false on most inputs.

  • splitter (string, optional)

    Splitter to be used by the input. This should refer to the name of a registered splitter plugin configuration. It specifies how the input should split the incoming data stream into individual records prior to decoding and/or injection to the router. Typically defaults to “NullSplitter”, although certain inputs override this with a different default value.