Statsd InputΒΆ

Plugin Name: StatsdInput

Listens for statsd protocol counter, timer, or gauge messages on a UDP port, and generates Stat objects that are handed to a StatAccumulator for aggregation and processing.


  • address (string):

    An IP address:port on which this plugin will expose a statsd server. Defaults to “”.

  • stat_accum_name (string):

    Name of a StatAccumInput instance that this StatsdInput will use as its StatAccumulator for submitting received stat values. Defaults to “StatAccumInput”.

  • max_msg_size (uint):

    Size of a buffer used for message read from statsd. In some cases, when statsd sends a lots in single message of stats it’s required to boost this value. All over-length data will be truncated without raising an error. Defaults to 512.


address = ":8125"
stat_accum_name = "custom_stat_accumulator"