Plugin Name: UdpInput

Listens on a specific UDP address and port for messages. If the message is signed it is verified against the signer name and specified key version. If the signature is not valid the message is discarded otherwise the signer name is added to the pipeline pack and can be use to accept messages using the message_signer configuration option.


The UDP payload is not restricted to a single message; since the stream parser is being used multiple messages can be sent in a single payload.


  • address (string):

    An IP address:port or Unix datagram socket file path on which this plugin will listen.

  • signer:

    Optional TOML subsection. Section name consists of a signer name, underscore, and numeric version of the key.

    • hmac_key (string):

      The hash key used to sign the message.

New in version 0.5.

  • net (string, optional, default: “udp”)

    Network value must be one of: “udp”, “udp4”, “udp6”, or “unixgram”.


address = ""
splitter = "HekaFramingSplitter"
decoder = "ProtobufDecoder"

hmac_key = "4865ey9urgkidls xtb0[7lf9rzcivthkm"
hmac_key = "xdd908lfcgikauexdi8elogusridaxoalf"

hmac_key = ",dp.804u"