New in version 0.9.

Common Splitter Parameters

There are some configuration options that are universally available to all Heka splitter plugins. These will be consumed by Heka itself when Heka initializes the plugin and do not need to be handled by the plugin-specific initialization code.

  • keep_truncated (bool, optional):

    If true, then any records that exceed the capacity of the input buffer will still be delivered in their truncated form. If false, then these records will be dropped. Defaults to false.

  • use_message_bytes (bool, optional):

    Most decoders expect to find the raw, undecoded input data stored as the payload of the received Heka Message struct. Some decoders, however, such as the ProtobufDecoder, expect to receive a blob of bytes representing an entire Message struct, not just the payload. In this case, the data is expected to be found on the MsgBytes attribute of the Message’s PipelinePack. If use_message_bytes is true, then the data will be written as a byte slice to the MsgBytes attribute, otherwise it will be written as a string to the Message payload. Defaults to false in most cases, but defaults to true for the HekaFramingSplitter, which is almost always used with the ProtobufDecoder.

  • min_buffer_size (uint, optional):

    The initial size, in bytes, of the internal buffer that the SplitterRunner will use for buffering data streams. Must not be greater than the globally configured max_message_size. Defaults to 8KiB, although certain splitters may specify a different default.

  • deliver_incomplete_final (bool, optional):

    When a splitter is used to split a stream, that stream can end part way through a record. It’s sometimes appropriate to drop that data, but in other cases the incomplete data can still be useful. If ‘deliver_incomplete_final’ is set to true, then when the SplitterRunner’s SplitStream method is used a delivery attempt will be made with any partial record data that may come through immediately before an EOF. Defaults to false.