Process InputΒΆ

Plugin Name: ProcessInput

Executes one or more external programs on an interval, creating messages from the output. Supports a chain of commands, where stdout from each process will be piped into the stdin for the next process in the chain. ProcessInput creates Fields[ExitStatus] and Fields[SubcmdErrors]. Fields[ExitStatus] represents the platform dependent exit status of the last command in the command chain. Fields[SubcmdErrors] represents errors from each sub command, in the format of “Subcommand[<subcommand ID>] returned an error: <error message>”.


  • command (map[uint]cmd_config):

    The command is a structure that contains the full path to the binary, command line arguments, optional enviroment variables and an optional working directory (see below). ProcessInput expects the commands to be indexed by integers starting with 0, where 0 is the first process in the chain.

  • ticker_interval (uint):

    The number of seconds to wait between each run of command. Defaults to 15. A ticker_interval of 0 indicates that the command is run only once, and should only be used for long running processes that do not exit. If ticker_interval is set to 0 and the process exits, then the ProcessInput will exit, invoking the restart behavior (see Configuring Restarting Behavior). Ignored when used in conjunction with Process Directory Input, where ticker_interval value is instead parsed from the directory path.

  • immediate_start (bool):

    If true, heka starts process immediately instead of waiting for first interval defined by ticker_interval to pass. Defaults to false.

  • stdout (bool):

    If true, for each run of the process chain a message will be generated with the last command in the chain’s stdout as the payload. Defaults to true.

  • stderr (bool):

    If true, for each run of the process chain a message will be generated with the last command in the chain’s stderr as the payload. Defaults to false.

  • timeout (uint):

    Timeout in seconds before any one of the commands in the chain is terminated.

  • retries (RetryOptions, optional):

    A sub-section that specifies the settings to be used for restart behavior. See Configuring Restarting Behavior

cmd_config structure:

  • bin (string):

    The full path to the binary that will be executed.

  • args ([]string):

    Command line arguments to pass into the executable.

  • env ([]string):

    Used to set environment variables before command is run. Default is nil, which uses the heka process’s environment.

  • directory (string):

    Used to set the working directory of Bin Default is “”, which uses the heka process’s working directory.


type = "TokenSplitter"
delimiter = " "

type = "ProcessInput"
ticker_interval = 2
splitter = "on_space"
stdout = true
stderr = false

    bin = "/bin/cat"
    args = ["../testsupport/process_input_pipes_test.txt"]

    bin = "/usr/bin/grep"
    args = ["ignore"]