CBuf Delta Aggregator By HostnameΒΆ

New in version 0.5.

Plugin Name: SandboxFilter
File Name: lua_filters/cbufd_host_aggregatory.lua

Collects the circular buffer delta output from multiple instances of an upstream sandbox filter (the filters should all be the same version at least with respect to their cbuf output). Each column from the source circular buffer will become its own graph. i.e., ‘Error Count’ will become a graph with each host being represented in a column.


  • max_hosts (uint)

    Pre-allocates the number of host columns in the graph(s). If the number of active hosts exceed this value, the plugin will terminate.

  • rows (uint)

    The number of rows to keep from the original circular buffer. Storing all the data from all the hosts is not practical since you will most likely run into memory and output size restrictions (adjust the view down as necessary).

  • host_expiration (uint, optional, default 120 seconds)

    The amount of time a host has to be inactive before it can be replaced by a new host.

  • preservation_version (uint, optional, default 0)

    If preserve_data = true is set in the SandboxFilter configuration, then this value should be incremented every time the max_hosts or rows configuration is changed to prevent the plugin from failing to start during data restoration.

Example Heka Configuration

type = "SandboxFilter"
message_matcher = "Logger == 'TelemetryServerMetrics' && Fields[payload_type] == 'cbufd'"
ticker_interval = 60
filename = "lua_filters/cbufd_host_aggregator.lua"
preserve_data = true

max_hosts = 5
rows = 60
host_expiration = 120
preservation_version = 0