Load Average FilterΒΆ

New in version 0.7.

Plugin Name: SandboxFilter
File Name: lua_filters/loadavg.lua

Graphs the load average and process count data. Expects to receive messages containing fields entitled 1MinAvg, 5MinAvg, 15MinAvg, and NumProcesses, such as those generated by the Linux Load Average Decoder.


  • sec_per_row (uint, optional, default 60)

    Sets the size of each bucket (resolution in seconds) in the sliding window.

  • rows (uint, optional, default 1440)

    Sets the size of the sliding window i.e., 1440 rows representing 60 seconds per row is a 24 sliding hour window with 1 minute resolution.

  • anomaly_config (string, optional)

    See Anomaly Detection Module.

  • preservation_version (uint, optional, default 0)

    If preserve_data = true is set in the SandboxFilter configuration, then this value should be incremented every time the sec_per_row or rows configuration is changed to prevent the plugin from failing to start during data restoration.

Example Heka Configuration

type = "SandboxFilter"
filename = "lua_filters/loadavg.lua"
ticker_interval = 60
preserve_data = true
message_matcher = "Type == 'stats.loadavg'"