Memory Stats FilterΒΆ

New in version 0.7.

Plugin Name: SandboxFilter
File Name: lua_filters/memstats.lua

Graphs memory usage statistics. Expects to receive messages with memory usage data embedded in a specific set of message fields, which matches the messages generated by Linux Memory Stats Decoder: MemFree, Cached, Active, Inactive, VmallocUsed, Shmem, SwapCached.


  • sec_per_row (uint, optional, default 60)

    Sets the size of each bucket (resolution in seconds) in the sliding window.

  • rows (uint, optional, default 1440)

    Sets the size of the sliding window i.e., 1440 rows representing 60 seconds per row is a 24 sliding hour window with 1 minute resolution.

  • anomaly_config (string, optional)

    See Anomaly Detection Module.

  • preservation_version (uint, optional, default 0)

    If preserve_data = true is set in the SandboxFilter configuration, then this value should be incremented every time the sec_per_row or rows configuration is changed to prevent the plugin from failing to start during data restoration.

Example Heka Configuration

type = "SandboxFilter"
filename = "lua_filters/memstats.lua"
ticker_interval = 60
preserve_data = true
message_matcher = "Type == 'stats.memstats'"