Frequent ItemsΒΆ

New in version 0.5.

Plugin Name: SandboxFilter
File Name: lua_filters/frequent_items.lua

Calculates the most frequent items in a data stream.


  • message_variable (string)

    The message variable name containing the items to be counted.

  • max_items (uint, optional, default 1000)

    The maximum size of the sample set (higher will produce a more accurate list).

  • min_output_weight (uint, optional, default 100)

    Used to reduce the long tail output by only outputting the higher frequency items.

  • reset_days (uint, optional, default 1)

    Resets the list after the specified number of days (on the UTC day boundary). A value of 0 will never reset the list.

Example Heka Configuration

type = "SandboxFilter"
filename = "lua_filters/frequent_items.lua"
ticker_interval = 60
preserve_data = true
message_matcher = "Logger == 'nginx.access' && Type == 'fxa-auth-server'"

message_variable = "Fields[remote_addr]"
max_items = 10000
min_output_weight = 100
reset_days = 1