Stats To Fields DecoderΒΆ

New in version 0.4.

Plugin Name: StatsToFieldsDecoder

The StatsToFieldsDecoder will parse time series statistics data in the graphite message format and encode the data into the message fields, in the same format produced by a Stat Accumulator Input plugin with the emit_in_fields value set to true. This is useful if you have externally generated graphite string data flowing through Heka that you’d like to process without having to roll your own string parsing code.

This decoder has no configuration options. It simply expects to be passed messages with statsd string data in the payload. Incorrect or malformed content will cause a decoding error, dropping the message.

The fields format only contains a single “timestamp” field, so any payloads containing multiple timestamps will end up generating a separate message for each timestamp. Extra messages will be a copy of the original message except a) the payload will be empty and b) the unique timestamp and related stats will be the only message fields.