Scribble DecoderΒΆ

New in version 0.5.

Plugin Name: ScribbleDecoder

The ScribbleDecoder is a trivial decoder that makes it possible to set one or more static field values on every decoded message. It is often used in conjunction with another decoder (i.e. in a MultiDecoder w/ cascade_strategy set to “all”) to, for example, set the message type of every message to a specific custom value after the messages have been decoded from Protocol Buffers format. Note that this only supports setting the exact same value on every message, if any dynamic computation is required to determine what the value should be, or whether it should be applied to a specific message, a Sandbox Decoder using the provided write_message API call should be used instead.


  • message_fields:

    Subsection defining message fields to populate. Optional representation metadata can be added at the end of the field name using a pipe delimiter i.e. host|ipv4 = “” will create Fields[Host] containing an IPv4 address. Adding a representation string to a standard message header name will cause it to be added as a user defined field, i.e. Payload|json will create Fields[Payload] with a json representation (see Field Variables). Does not support Timestamp or Uuid.

Example (in MultiDecoder context)

type = "MultiDecoder"
subs = ["ProtobufDecoder", "mytype"]
cascade_strategy = "all"
log_sub_errors = true


type = "ScribbleDecoder"

    Type = "MyType"