Common Filter Parameters

There are some configuration options that are universally available to all Heka filter plugins. These will be consumed by Heka itself when Heka initializes the plugin and do not need to be handled by the plugin-specific initialization code.

  • message_matcher (string, optional):

    Boolean expression, when evaluated to true passes the message to the filter for processing. Defaults to matching nothing. See: Message Matcher Syntax

  • message_signer (string, optional):

    The name of the message signer. If specified only messages with this signer are passed to the filter for processing.

  • ticker_interval (uint, optional):

    Frequency (in seconds) that a timer event will be sent to the filter. Defaults to not sending timer events.

New in version 0.7.

  • can_exit (bool, optional)

    Whether or not this plugin can exit without causing Heka to shutdown. Defaults to false for non-sandbox filters, and true for sandbox filters.

New in version 0.10.

  • use_buffering (bool, optional)

    If true, all messages delivered to this filter will be buffered to disk before delivery, preventing back pressure and allowing retries in cases of message processing failure. Defaults to false, unless otherwise specified by the individual filter’s documentation.

  • buffering (QueueBufferConfig, optional)

    A sub-section that specifies the settings to be used for the buffering behavior. This will only have any impact if use_buffering is set to true. See Configuring Buffering.