Plugin Name: SmtpOutput

New in version 0.5.

Outputs a Heka message in an email. The message subject is the plugin name and the message content is controlled by the payload_only setting. The primary purpose is for email alert notifications e.g., PagerDuty.


  • send_from (string)

    The email address of the sender. (default: “heka@localhost.localdomain”)

  • send_to (array of strings)

    An array of email addresses where the output will be sent to.

  • subject (string)

    Custom subject line of email. (default: “Heka [SmtpOutput]”)

  • host (string)

    SMTP host to send the email to (default: “”)

  • auth (string)

    SMTP authentication type: “none”, “Plain”, “CRAMMD5” (default: “none”)

  • user (string, optional)

    SMTP user name

  • password (string, optional)

    SMTP user password

New in version 0.9.

  • send_interval (uint, optional)

    Minimum time interval between each email, in seconds. First email in an interval goes out immediately, subsequent messages in the same interval are concatenated and all sent when the interval expires. Defaults to 0, meaning all emails are sent immediately.


type = "SmtpOutput"
message_matcher = "((Type == 'heka.sandbox-output' && Fields[payload_type] == 'alert') || Type == 'heka.sandbox-terminated') && Logger =~ /^Fxa/"
send_from = ""
send_to = [""]
auth = "Plain"
user = "test"
password = "testpw"
host = "localhost:25"
encoder = "AlertEncoder"